7 - 8 June

Welcome to the Big Meet, Sweden's Biggest and Best FoodTech Get-together! Join Us to Celebrate the Future of Food! 

Book June 7 and 8 for an unforgettable crash course in the Future of Food. Be prepared for the usual high-speed, massive information overload, fun and energetic event. Last year we 3D-printed food,  discussed AI food, ate insects and much, much more. 

This year we'll dig into space food, bio reactor production, new urban farming solutions, how to build new cities, recycle even better, grow new products, hear pitches from all the upcoming new stars of foodtech. And more. Much more. If you're also wondering how data, personalized meal solutions, brain food, next gen retailing and sensors will affect food, look no further.  As usual we will bring our friends from near and afar to give you insights into what happens in the world of food all around the world. 

An extra warm welcome to all the great people from New York that will join us through our fantastic partner Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New York for some mind-boggling sessions on Sustainology (the merge of sustainability and technology). We love New York! And New York loves Stockholm.

And all this for only (prices excl. VAT): 

Regular ticket: 3900 SEK
Foodtech Village community members: 1500 SEK (see www.foodtechvillage.com)

Sweden FoodTech is the ecosystem for the next generation food system, based on tech, data, sustainability and health. 

Foodtech Village is the community of the foodtech change makers, the entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

Our ambition is to build the world’s premier system for positive development of the food sector based on digital transformation and entrepreneurship. The system involves key players of the current food system, research institutes and the new entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

We help startups reach their full potential, providing our corporate partners with our expertise in open innovation and emerging technologies; assisting partner VCs with their portfolio startups, and promoting the Sweden Foodtech scene at home and abroad through events and conferences. We open doors - locally and around the world.

Erin Kim
New Harvest

New Harvest is the New York-based research organisation that has hatched several of the now high-flying "food from cells" companies that fill the front pages all over the world. A Juris Doctor, with deep communication skils, Erin is ideally placed to let us know what's going on in the biorecactors growing our future food. 

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Rob Wilson
Toast Ale

Why do we throw away stale bread when it can be turned into beer? Exactly, there is no reason whatsoever. Beer, that sometimes is called "floating bread", can be excellently produced from bread. And since bread is one of the most wasted items in supermarkets all over the world, the rest is pure logic. Rob is the founder of Toast Ale which not only tastes amazing, it does good too.

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Nadia El Hadery

Yfood is the UK equvallent of Sweden FoodTech. We love them! No one has such deep knowledge of happens in the UK foodtech scene as Nadia. And she comes all the way from London to spill the beans. Yes! 

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Björn Weigel
Author, The Innovation Illusion

Western capitalism has lost its propensity for experimentation and adaptation. Instead we have turned into fat cats. Unless we can get out of the innovation famine we will never be able to attack the big questions, such as food. On the positive side; those who can will have little competition.

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Claire Gusko
In Farm

InFarm does what it is called. Farms indoors. InFarm is currently rolling out their supermarket growing facilities all around Germany and beyond. Why just buy the food in the supermarket, when you can grow it there too. Claire will tell you all this is facilitated by data, which probably is the most important thing they grow.

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Gustaf Brandberg
Gullspång Invest

Gustaf is one of Sweden's leading investors in the foodtech field. Gustaf is passionate about our need to help the planet save itself from us. Never invite Gustaf to a meat restaurant…

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Jerker Norström

A factory on Svartsjö, the size of five football fields, produces most of the herbs and leafy greens we eat. Now, if that isn't urban farming and the future of food production, then what is? Jerker is tuning Svegro into a humming machine that will not only produce herbs, but innovation and perhaps even a few MnAs.

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Patrik Fältström

Patrik is one of the key individuals drivning the development of the global Internet backbone and, hence, one of the most influential persons around. Now, the Internet is about to change and food is at the core of that change. 

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Anna Throne-Holst

Anna Throne-Holst is CEO of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in New York and  the only Swede who has ever run for the US congress, then from the position as mayor of Southampton on Long Island, New York. She is a strong protagonist for sustainability and the force behind the Sustainology conference in New York, combining sustainability and technology. Sweden has a major opportunity bringing sustainability business to the US.

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Lars T. Andersson

Lars T. Andersson is one of Sweden's living Internet legends. The former co-founder of the legendary Spray group is today chairman of Redeye, an investment bank and analysis house leading the life science sector. He has spent a great deal of his life in Japan and wants us to see food the way the Japaneese se it - what it does, rather than what it tastes. 

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Tom Ishiodori
Blue Light Yokohama

Tom is the stellar head chef of the Blue Light Yokohama restaurant. Tom will take a deep look and give us what we need, not what we think we want. Low odds on algeas.

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Christopher Heybroek
IQ Chef

Wouldn't it be nice to have a super computer helping you with all your food needs? So thought Christopher Heybroek and built one. IQ Chef is a plaform helping you with all sorts of AI support for your food needs. 

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Matteo Dispenza
The Spiritual Machine

Prof Matteo Dispenza not only run the startup accelerator Incet in Turin, he is also a conceptual inventor. What The Spiritual Machine is we leave up to him to explain.

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Erik Kruse

Erik Kruse is Ericsson's 5G evangelist, but as such he mostly talk about food. Could it be because food data is about to become the largest data set on the planet?

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Nick Popovici

Nick Popovici left a high-paid job on Wall Street to come back to London in order to change the restaurant sector. Building the software running the restaurant first, he can now boast of having one of the most efficient restaurants in London. 

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Katja Ratamäki

Miils help elderly do their grocery shopping online and in the meantime provides them with dietary help based on their needs. Katja will go through how they have revolutionised online shopping for the group that everyone thought would be last to online, but now turns out to be ahead of most.

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Stephan Reckie
Space Nation

Stephan is a seasoned investor and marketing guru, deeply involved with Space Nation, aiming at making space and astronaut experiences accessible for everyone. What to eat in space? Stephan knows!

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Lauri Reuter

Lauri Reuter and his Magic Bioreactors - it almost sounds like a Circus act. Lauri, who is on the faculty for Singularity University, is one of the most prominent researchers we have in the Nordics when it comes to cell-grown food. He has promised to bring a bucket from his lab. Wonder what's in it...

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Daniel Sjöstrand

Daniel is one of the founders of NordicFauna, that makes ice cream for adults. No, not with alcohol (though that can figure) but taste combinations that transcend everything you thought you knew about ice cream. 

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Jessica Heidrich

Jessica is Sweden's most decorated craft brewer. What she doesn't know about beer is simply not worth knowing. Jessica will talk about how to grew beer from the strangest things. If you have waste - turn it into beer!

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John Manoochehri
Base 2

John Manoochehri has a single goal, to prove to property owners that their future does not lie in buildings, but in the service layers around the buildings. Sounds complex? It isn't. Once the concept has sunk in, you will never see buildings the same way as before. Hint, food is a key element.

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Shu Wei

Shu is one of the co-founders of Gastronaut, the service giving you access to tastes from the entire world, through their extensive network of home chefs - amazing food that you never tasted before!

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Hokan Lejdstrand
Bauer Media

Hokan is special advisor to the CEO at German media giant Bauer Media regarding their forays into foodtech. As part of this he sits on the board of Lifesum and has handled both the investment and exit for US recipe giant Yumly. 

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Chris Fung
Business Angel

Chris is a seasoned London investor in the food space. He has built up chains, invested in several successful entrepreneurs and is the nicest guy around. He talks fast, really fast, which is a sign of how fast he thinks.

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Nicolas Espinoza

Dr. Espinoza is one of Sweden's leading researchers into natural language processing. He is co-founder of Gavagai and furthermore has a background in advanced intelligence gathering. Since Gavagai can understand what's being said on the Internet in real tim, in any language, that makes perfect sense. Nicolas will tell us how we can deduct new food trends. And act on them.

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Will Stoddart

Will is the founder of the Stockholm/London-based blood testing company Werlabs. Show me your blood and I will show you how you feel, or something like that…

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Daniel Daboczy
Funded By Me

Daniel is the founder and CEO of FundedBeMe, the Nordic crowdfunding leader. There he has noticed food becoming the source of most campaigns. Crowdfunding and food/foodtech just happens to be a perfect match!

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Matilda Gennvi Gustafsson
IoT Sustainability Director

In her role as IoT Sustainability Director, Ms Gennvi Gustafsson, is focusing on integrating sustainability into IoT business, for example in customer cases, business development and offering reviews. 

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Jan Ameri

Being an expert in spotting new opportunities and creating new concepts, Jan has been partner or co-founder in seven different companies in various industries.

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